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Population Genetics and Health Disparities (PGHD) Journal Club (2014-2015)
Directors: Amy Non and Melinda Aldrich
We are launching a new journal club for the CHGR titled ‘Population Genetics and Health Disparities’ (PGHD).  This new journal club will focus on population genetics, evolutionary genetics, and racial/social health disparities.  Meetings will take place on the 4th Friday of each month from 4-5pm in the CHGR 5th floor Conference Room in Light Hall.  Meetings are held on the 4th Friday of the month.
December 12, 2014 (led by Brittany Hollister and Carissa Iverson)
Article: “On the causal interpretation of race in regressions adjusting for confounding and mediating variables” by VanderWeele and Robinson
October 24th, 2014 (led by Amy Non)
Article: “The correlation between ancestry and color in two cities of Northeast Brazil with contrasting ethnic compositions.”’
March 28th, 2014:(led by Krystal Tsosie)
Article:: The genome of a Late Pleistocene human from a Clovis burial site in western Montana.
Relevant news stories:
NPR:  Ancient DNA Ties Native Americans From Two Continents To Clovis 
NGS: Oldest Burial Yields DNA Evidence of First Americans
LiveScience: Prehistoric Boy May Be Native American ‘Missing Link’ | LiveScience

CBS News: 12,000-year-old baby DNA from ancient Clovis culture in Montana …

Jan 20th, 2014: (led by Melinda Aldrich)
Article: Low Frequency Variants, Collapsed Based on Biological Knowledge, Uncover Complexity of Population Stratification in 1000 Genomes Project Data” by Moore et al. 2013.
Oct 11th, 2013: (led by Tony Capra)
Article: DNA methylation contributes to natural human variation
Sept 27th, 2013 : (led by Amy Non and Brittany Hollister)
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